On April 4, 2020 the Riverside County Health Officer issued new orders that will apply to Rancho Mirage citizens, businesses and venues. Our community continues to do their part to fight the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We urge you to please obey and comply with the new orders. We must all do our part for the sake of those at high risk, our front-line medical workers and those in our grocery stores and restaurants ensuring stable access to food and supplies.

Here are some of the highlights of the new orders:

Face Coverings Required in Public

The new county order now requires everyone must wear a face covering when leaving their home. Face coverings can include bandannas, neck gaiters, hand-sewn masks, scarves or other cloth covering the nose and mouth. Not only does this add another layer of protection, but also discourages touching one’s face when out in public. Please keep in mind, medical-grade masks are in high demand for our medical personnel.

Parking Lots Closed for Parks and Trails

Trails and Parks may still be accessible to people who live within walking distance and are to be solely used for walking, hiking, jogging, bike riding or equestrian.

This order impacts the following Rancho Mirage Parks and Trails parking lots:

  • Rancho Mirage Community Park
  • The Rancho Mirage Dog Park
  • Blixseth Park
  • Cancer Survivor Park
  • Wolfson Park
  • Big Horn Overlook Trail

Golf Courses
All private and public golf courses are to be closed and no golf is to be played. Members can be allowed to walk on the golf course for exercise if the property owner wishes to allow it.

All Gatherings Prohibited
The order prohibits all public or private gatherings regardless of size or location. Exceptions are outlined in the full order.
The full order from the Riverside County Health Officer can be found by clicking the image below and is effective through April 30, 2020.

This order is coming as the US just experienced the highest number of COVID-19 related deaths in a single day on Saturday, April 4, 2020. Thank you to our amazing Eisenhower Health and all the brave men and women who are battling each day on our behalf. Thank you to our amazing residents and businesses for doing your part to stay safe and stay home.

As a reminder, the City of Rancho Mirage has a dedicated COVID-19 Hotline phone # 877-652-4844 and email COVID19@RanchoMirageCA.gov to ask questions or report concerns.