Dear friends & neighbors:
As I take the Mayor’s seat once again, I am proud to represent such a fine city alongside my fellow Council Members, who truly care as much about this City as I do.
First off, I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to Iris Smotrich for a job well done during the past year as Mayor. When Covid-19 hit our community and changed life as we all know it, the last few months of her term were extremely challenging to say the least.
We are all travelling a road never before taken by local government. Our staff must not only keep the wheels of government running, they must also solve problems to which lessons from the past provide no guidance. Nonetheless, I sincerely believe we have a determined staff fully capable of meeting the known and unknown challenges which lie before us.
Simultaneously, City staff and all of our residents must protect ourselves from the new health risks and challenges encompassed in the frightening word Covid-19. The issues confronting our beloved city, in this 2020 version of city government, are far beyond anything we could have ever anticipated.
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City initiated a COVID-19 hotline (877) 652-4844) and email ( for resident questions and concerns. We have created a COVID-19 Information Hub website ( to keep residents informed on up-to-date City, County, and State COVID-19 orders, provide resources, and relief efforts.
In an effort to ensure our residents receive steady and continuous access to food and to assist our senior residents during the COVID pandemic, the City has instituted two programs:
  • Food Access Program for local restaurants – On March 19, 2020, the City Council approved an $8,000 grant per eligible restaurant to ensure they could stay open through May 31, 2020 and offer stable access to food for our community during the Stay at Home order. The program enables Rancho Mirage restaurants to provide family-style meals, essentials like eggs, milk, bread, and rice.
Click here for a list Rancho Mirage restaurants in our community
who offer curbside take-out or delivery.
Great Plates Delivered Program
On May 7, 2020, the City Council voted to become the local administrator of the Great Plates Delivered program. By locally administering this program, Rancho Mirage can ensure excellent customer service, work closely with our restaurants and search out eligible seniors in our community. The program is designed to support adults 60+ who are at high-risk from COVID-19, in staying home and staying healthy by delivering three (3) nutritious meals a day. The program will also provide essential economic stimulus to local Rancho Mirage restaurants.
Within the first week of the program, we have:
130+ eligible senior participants;
5+ locally owned Rancho Mirage restaurants providing delicious meals;
2,600+ meals have been delivered.
If you would like to learn more about this program, please call (877) 652-4844 or visit our website at
We will get through this together and we must not lose sight of the situation we all face as residents of the same city. We are in the same boat and it is our duty to keep it afloat. Our innate flexibility can make it work if we are willing to cooperate.
Please email me at with your comments, concerns or suggestions. I welcome your input.
Mayor G. Dana Hobart
City of Rancho Mirage